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dead tired.

cant get over this sickening feeling.
that im making a mistake. that brett and i should be living together. but im holding strong. theres no turning back now. move in is in three days.

hooo fucking rah.

works starting to drain me. heather got fired. i mean i get it. she deserved it. she was lazy and just kinda sucked at her job. but still. she was nice. i guess that is par for the course. HA. SO FUNNY. ugh.

all this packing is making me insane. its gorgeous outside and im inside because im sick of being out there bc i work outside.

my mom hasnt called me or emailed me lately. maybe she is giving up. i might be planning a trip home so i can golf with my grandma. itd be tons of fun! i wish i could help her win! thatd make her proud!


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