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ever ytime i start to believe again. start to have that hope again. he takes it away.

and every single time, i cry. i cry like he has never hurt me before, which is bullshit, because this has been going on for so long.

hes pissed about the kurt thing. i get it. i do. but you know what i was pissed about?

i was pissed that i moved to arizona with him. that he moved out on me. broke up with me. and then completely abandoned me.

im in such a shitty mood today. seriously.
if i see ashley im gonna punch her in the face. i hate her, bc this is all her fault. she opened her big fucking mouth and now my relationship with brett is gone. i know for some of you thats good, but honestly, i feel like a heartbroken mess. i just cry and cry and cry...

after we patched things up when i got back from georgia, things were great. they were better than great. he was the old brett. the one that wanted to spend every moment with me, but still gave me my space. the brett that told me all the time that he loved me. that told me i am beautiful when i least expected it...

this just really sucks. maybe it was his plan all along. his revenge. [as if misty wasn't enough]. 

i dunno. i have to get ready for work. i think im going to get shit faced tonite. oh yeah.


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