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Well, I'm miserable.
I miss Brett every second of the day. Everytime my phone rings, I hope it's him. If I hear a car pull up, I wait to see if I hear his horn. At work, I immediately check for his car and then hope that with each time I pass someone, that its him.

I'm crazy. I'm manic.
I write him text messages and then delete them. I stare at photographs and try to recreate the situation in my mind. I spend every second wanting to just hear his voice.

I know it's good. I know he has to either get it or that I need to get it, but this is brutal. I spend most of my time in tears.

I just wish I knew he was hurting. I wish I knew he missed me. I wish I knew he was going crazy. Instead all I know is nothing. I know fucking nothing bc I won't even make eye contact w him.

Meanwhile I have to figure out my living sitaution and all I can think about is how I hate living in our apartment all alone. But part of me is holding onto the memories here. Part of me is holding on for dear life, bc I'm so in love with Brett. And at the end of the day, when I'm laying in bed, that's all that matters.


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