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i always knew i hated roller coasters.

up and down and up and down and up and down.
im naucious like constantly. its terrible. 

ive been hiking like crazy tho and im finishing up the meat that i have in my fridge and freezer and then im throwing myself into the skinny bitch diet. goodbye meat. i might allow myself poultry once a week. and i know im not leaving dairy. im a midwest girl, i will eat cheese until the day i die.

the job promo is going good. im training a new girl tomorrow which is great because i get $25 extra in my paycheck...suhweet! they all suck tho. for various reasons. either theyre snobby or stupid or overly optimistic...its just irritating. 

im going to vegas in may. for the 7th---9th...its for my friend tracy's birthday. sounds good to me. free room and free drinks. yay!

okay well im gonna eat some fruit and change to go for  a three hour hike. dont be jealous! later gators.


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